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Welcome to South-Central Pennsylvania's spring creeks.  You'll find the most up to date information from Gene Macri, fly fishing professional and aquatic and environmental scientist.  I have done more fly fishing and more research on these streams than anyone.  You'll find the truth here not lies and hype on what shape these streams are now in and what you can expect when you fish them either by yourself or with a guide.  I Wild Rainbow from Falling Spring Chambersburg PAoffer the best instruction and guiding on these creeks that you can find. On each section you will find a rating or evaluation of what shape each stream is in.  These evaluations are accurate and are made from my research and fishing as well as those of the legendary fly anglers who fished these magical waters before me. (photo shows a massive rainbow I caught on Falling S. Run in Franklin County on a Trico; ©1988 E. P. Macri)

The fly fishing world with the internet has turned into "spin city" especially for these streams.   It's kind of amazing because I fished these waters for so long you would think I might have run into many of these so called experts whose websites and advertisements now cover the fly fishing world.  I really don't care who you hire to guide or instruct you.  This site serves to educate and you can decide for yourself but at least you'll know the real story about these streams. Fly fishing has Jim Gazes Nets My Large Brown from the Yellow Breeches Boiling Springs PAchanged since I started many years ago as an 8 year old in Western Pennsylvania.  But some things never change and that is the more skillful you are and the more you understand the stream and fishery the more success you will have. Many fly anglers today never fished with bait or spinning outfits so they actually know little about fishing in general. Because of this fly fishing these streams is like going for PhD without ever getting a B.S.  This is not to deter you but to give you a realistic evaluation of just how hard these streams are to fish successfully. (photo of a wild young rainbow from Big S. Creek) I instruct and guide people all of the time and they appreciate the truth so they know what they are getting into.  I make this a lot more fun and much better learning experience because I have the patience to understand those without a background in trout stream Wild Rainbow from Big Spring Creek Newville PAsavvy need a lot more help than the fisherman or fly angler who has fished for 20 years.  Don't worry we will get it done and you'll be surprised how much you can learn about fly fishing and yourself when fishing these magical waters.(Photo of my late friend Jim Gazes netting a big brown for me on the Yellow Breeches in the morning mist; ©1992 E. Macri).

So get those rods out and wade through the info on this site then contact me for anything you need. These streams are not what they Massive Wild Brown from Letort Spring Run Carlisle PAused to be but they can still furnish some of the best fly fishing in the country to people who are instructed and taught properly what to do.  I hope to hear from you soon. (Photo: Large Brown Trout I caught on the Letort circa 1985). 

So just send me an email and let me know what you need and I'll send you the information and our free fly fishing newsletter and keep you up to date on these spring creeks. Note: we do not share info or sell any information about you to anyone.  Your privacy is guaranteed! You can also contact us by phone at our contact page.

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