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Pennsylvania Spring Creeks

Well if you've come to this page by now you should realize something: Someone is selling you a story! Do you notice I seem to have all the data on the streams because as a scientist I've done so much research on them. I also seem to have all the history on the streams including the photos of what has transpired over the last 40 years or so! I also seem to have fished them more than anyone. I won't give you a line just to have you hire me for guiding or instruction. I will tell you the truth about these streams once again:

  • These streams still produce some great fishing but it's nothing like it used to be.
  • They still have hatches but they may be sporadic or missing from certain sections of the stream
  • The fish are extremely difficult to catch and sometimes almost impossible for even better than average fly angler
  • In most instances you must use light lines and extremely light tippets
  • You might have to use extremely small flies
  • The fish are spooky to say the least and if your approach is bad you may never get to cast for a fish the whole day
  • The fish are extremely selective
  • The large fish are hard to land on light tippets so it is a challenge
  • No one can promise you fish no matter what they say

So What Can I Do For You!

I can make it fun and I can shorten your learning curve. I actually teach you how to fish these streams and Gene Macri and Chalie Fox on the Letort Spring Creekwhich patterns to use etc. Many guides do not like this approach because they are afraid you will learn too much and won't call them the next time. If you learn enough not to use me next time well I figure I did a good job. Furthermore, I believe you will be more likely to recommend me to a friend. Not only do you get a professional fly fisherman but you are getting an aquatic scientist too. There aren't too many fly fishing instructors or guides who can make that claim. When you sign up with me I furnish the rods, reels, lines, tippet etc. as well some of the flies you'll need. Why? Because most people don't have the right equipment and I want to make this a worth while experience so you don't have to worry whether the equipment is causing the problem. I never promise you that you'll catch fish because the fish gods can strike you down at anytime. I promise to teach you the methods and techniques that I have used to be successful over the years. If you want instruction or guiding or have questions please contact me by email, mail or phone. You can just use the form below if you wish.  I wish you the best on your exploits on the limestone spring creeks of Pennsylvania. Until we meet as they say on the stream:(photo shows the late Charlie Fox and me at the Letort).


tight lines and large trout


gene "guido" macri

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Late August to Late September

Limestoner Stream Reports: Pod Casts

Big Spring Creek

Falling Spring Run


Yellow Breeches Creek   


Letort Spring Run

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